Simulator/emulator for arduino webservers?

Does anyone have a recommendation for something that would resemble or otherwise emulate the way the arduino webserver examples work? Maybe a simple C++ web server or something similar?

I'd like to be able to tweak the web content without constantly having to keep flashing and re-flashing an actual arduino device. Something where I could set up a simple server that I could compile/run in *nix would be nice so I could work the bugs and kinks out of function to handle various uris before actually tossing them into a sketch.

I'm not a C++ guy though so something simple/easy to set up and use would be preferred. (i.e. something where I could add something like the ESP8266 server.on('/somuri',myFunction()) type requests then just program a simple series of print/conditional type code. I know enough about C/C++ to hack out getting any libraries included I would need for specific functionality, but would have no clue how to set up the c++ code to act like a server)