Simulators - A bus load of questions...

What are simulators? Why are they used? How do they work? and anything I can use with arduino? any good tutorials on a good simulator for arduino / pic?

I actually checked out some pic simulators but couldn’t make out much. I’m working on building a sine wave inverter and it seems it requires some precision timed switching and testing that kinda precision seems a challenge. Someone suggested simulators? Anyone done a sine wave inverter with arduino?

I’ve used AVR Studio to step debug AVR programs, and from what I understand it is possible to get Arduino compiling there.

I’ve used LTSpice for some circuit simulation.

But I haven’t see a product that will do both, simulating the circuit behavior as well as a programs interaction with it, at least on more than a very basic digital logic level.

An Arduino simulator would be the holy grail I think. It would be a huge project to undertake though.