Simultaneous use of the Serial and SoftwareSerial

Hi! I have an ESP8266 (NodeMU), to which two Arduino UNO are connected via UART.
One device is connected to RX / TX (Serial), and the second - to other contacts via SoftwareSerial. Is it possible to simultaneously transfer data from one Arduino to Serial and redirect them to SoftwareSerial? I read that SoftwareSerial blocks data transfer on other UART buses. Does this apply to regular Serial or only to contacts connected through SoftwareSerial?

SoftwareSerial commandeers all of the PCINT interrupts, which are the pin change interrupts. While this wrecks havoc with any other action that needs to be driven (by pin change interrupts), it does not affect Serial.

DKWatson, Thank you!

I'm not sure about this, but it might be worth a look.... I understand there are two hardware serial ports but UART1 can only transmit (pin2).