Sine wave amplifier

I have a project where I need to amplify a sine wave. The sine wave is produced by an Arduino program which works fine, Sine wave is 1/2 Hz, peak voltage is .6 volts. I am trying to get the same frequency but a peak voltage of 12-14 volts. I have tried both a transistor circuit, 2N3904, and an LM386-N4 and neither works right. Neither circuit amplifies the sine wave. I am wondering if maybe the frquency is too low. Any comments is much appreciated.
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Hi, please post the LM386 circuit , it should work.

Can you show us a diagram/picture of the output trace that you want to amplify?

Is your 0.6V sinewave between gnd and 0.6 peak to peak.
Or is it -0.6V to +0.6V, thats 0.6Vpeak which is 1.2V peak to peak.
What do you want out of the amp, gnd to 12V peak to peak.

This will dictate what sort of amplifier yo need.

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Don't forget you'll need a +15V and a -15V supply for this.

LM386 ,circuit, where?