Single board computers: Which one to buy?

Hi! I didn't know exactly where to post this, but I think general discussion is the right place for my question. I already own a 1st gen Raspberry Pi, which I use extensively as a network node for my projects (cheaper than an ethernet shield, nice :) ) and also for XBMC. It's perfect for things like that, but it lacks a bit of power for Web browsing or other everyday stuff. So i have to use either my phone, which can get annoying time by time; or my huge, a lot of power consuming Win7 rig for even the simplest of stuff which is a total overkill. And that's why i'm thinking about buying another sbc. Also for a bit of tinkering. But the selection grew a lot since the 'Pi came out. So, here are the boards I was looking at and some pro's and con's [u]imo[/u]:

Cubieboard: A10 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8, 4Gb Nand memory, 1Gb RAM. Pro's: Many distro's to choose, A lot of gpio's, onboard IR receiver, Sata connector. Con's: Gpio's spaced at 1,27mm, does not run XBMC out of the Box (oh, the Irony :D )

PcDuino: A10 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8, half the Nand and Ram of the Cubieboard. Pro's: Arduino-esque gpio Pins. Con's: Only a little bit cheaper than the cubieboard, less gpio's.

A13-OLinuXino: A13 Cortex A8 CPU at 1GHz, 512 mb RAM. Pro's: Can be powered by battery, has a lot of 2,54mm spaced gpio's, Uext connector, onboard buttons. Con's: No HDMI or DVI out.

Beagleboard XM: 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8, 512 mb RAM. Seems to be mostly like the OLinuXino, with some different features, has DVI out. Con's: It's pretty expensive for what you get imho.

Sabre Lite: ARM Cortex A9 MPCore 4xCPU at 1GHz, 1 Gb RAM. Pro's: Sata, a lot of punch and capable of playing 3D Video (that's just plain awesome even though I don't have a 3D TV), also it's small. Con's: Doesn't seem to have gpio's, very expensive, not much "beginner-friendly" documentation available at the moment.

So far, which one are you using or can you recommend and why? Thanks in advance!

Another choice is an Android system, such as: I bookmarked it some time ago, but I haven't bought one. I could imagine re-purposing an older phone that you don't have a contract on and that can be rooted, might be another idea.

Those Android-systems are pretty neat, but i like to have a little bit more flexibility on the OS-side. I would have repurposed my old phone, but it broke short after my old contract ran out :roll_eyes:...