Single Motor L298 H-Bridge Control

Hello I have just bought an Motor controller from Anykits. I have built it and i think it all works but im not that good at electronics so i have some trouble interfacing it with my arduino. I have the most trouble with the "sen" and "en" pin.


Sorry, didn't get a chance to look up the kit you were talking about, but at, they have some great instructables for alot of physical-computing related Arduino projects. Take a look here, hope this helps some!

Hello Thanks for the quick replay. I will Have a lock at that link. The kit I have bought is this one


lol.. I love their documentation for their product.. or lack their of. Uh, I'm taking a long shot here, as I've only hooked up a L293D once and it was some time ago, but I believe the En pin (Enable I'm assuming) is going to need to be set to HIGH with a digital pin.

I believe the SEN pin is just used for Sensing the current that's going through the circuit, so don't really need to have that hooked up. ( I could be totally wrong, just from looking at the picture and the specs)

Do keep in mind, use PWM Pins (3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11) for the A and B pin, using analogWrite(value, pin). And when writing HIGH to A, you want LOW to B, and vice versa.

Hi CaptainObvious
Thanks for that replay.
I didn’t get it to work despite that excelent replay. i don’t know if it is my code or my soldering that is the problem. I am hopping it’s code :P. I post the code here perhaps some one can se the problem.

int a = 9;
int b = 10;
int en = 11;
void setup()
void loop(){

i have vcc connected to 5v on my arduino


If you have the 5v connected to your arduino, you're also going to need the Ground connected. (Sorry if it seems obvious, but I've overlooked this a few times) And I'm not sure if it will make much of a difference, but try doing the Enable pin HIGH, in void setup() rather than the loop.

I'm not near all my goodies at the moment, or I'd hook up my L293 and give you some input! But if you don't figure it out shortly I should be able to give some more insight!

Take a look here, I found this on a previous post here somewhere.

Explains the pins and whatnot, much better than I can.

Best of luck!

EDIT: (IMPORTANT) I believe an external power supply may be needed here! The site says 7 - 46V, undermining the power can be a problem.

Hi CaptainObvious Your first replay was a 100% right it was my fault that it didn't work. I had i flat battery. so after switching to a better power source it all worked perfectly.

Thanks for all your help CaptainObvious.


My pleasure, glad I could help! I've asked the same questions, so I felt it was my duty to share my knowledge! :D

Hope you enjoy playing around, and feel free to share your experiences! Or anymore questions, post away! If you're looking to get into Robotics, sign up at! You'll get alot of great ideas, and hopefully people will get great ideas from you!:)

Right now I'm building a concept for a automated lawnmower to have in my backyard. right now it's just a sheep shredded rc car :P just to try sensors and stuff. I will sign up at


I love it! haha, gotta mod it for some uber-steering mechanisms! Can even have it automated, with set destinations, when it's complete it'll plug it self into a charging base... Oh so many ideas, do keep us updated! :D

I have the same ideas my goal is that it will work as one of the commercial ones with a cable that limits where it can go. du you know a way to do that. I'm thinking electro magnetism but i don't know what sensor i should use. I think the commercial just have a cable with a low voltage current like 5v but I'm not shore.