Single-page Arduino Cheat Sheet


The I2C diagram, as simple as it is, can easily be misinterpreted. This is a bit hard to describe without a drawing but here goes. On the SCL and SDA lines the horizontal lines to the right of the resistors should end at the bottom of the vertical lines going to Vcc. Or, better yet, the resistors themselves should just replace the vertical lines. As it is drawn now you have three Vcc lines above the ground on the right side of the drawing.


Really nice! It's very helpful

It's good, but the image is in too low a resolution for print. If I blow it up to A4 and print it out it looks crap.

There's a PDF link at the bottom of that page that's printable. The link on the image should just go right to that PDF I think.

Ahh I didn't spot that. That's perfect. Thanks.

I 've started an inkscape sheet. I'll post it when finished

Awesome! I'd love to see it.

One thing I miss is the picture you put on top [edit]Thursday 29 Well, for the moment, I am using pictures extracted from the pdf. It will be easy to change them later[/edit]

Hi, It's so good I'd thought grab a copy via .pdf. What version of distiller did you use ? I've got Adobe 7 which thinks the file is corrupt. :-(} aka ged

cool idea! I presume its ok to print it as it is and hand around to students during workshops?

Hi Aka Ged,

I've released v.02c with some more changes, and this time I've used cutePDF instead of acrobat distiller. (Incidentally the image quality worked much better with no frigging around). Hopefully this works for you.

Pracas: Sure! Please feel free to hand them out or do whatever you like with them. I got all the info under C.C. license, so go for it.

Verrryyyyyyy GoooooDDDD

This is what I need & I haven't yet time to do :) :) Many thanks.

Just printed and laminated it so it survives coffee spills ;)

The only problem I find with the PDF version is that if I print it as A4 it cuts off a small area around the edges.

very nice work wonders for newbies like me

Thanks for making this! :D You might consider adding the download URL.

Thanks a lot for this.
Snatched and printed :smiley:

The only problem I find with the PDF version is that if I print it as A4 it cuts off a small area around the edges.

Tell it to automatically resize. It should print to fit your printer's margins.

Good job. Thanks for pulling this together.

This was extremely helpful, thanks!