Single-page Arduino Cheat Sheet

very nice work wonders for newbies like me

Thanks for making this! :D You might consider adding the download URL.

Thanks a lot for this.
Snatched and printed :smiley:

The only problem I find with the PDF version is that if I print it as A4 it cuts off a small area around the edges.

Tell it to automatically resize. It should print to fit your printer's margins.

Good job. Thanks for pulling this together.

This was extremely helpful, thanks!


I need to print this off as a poster for my Office (dining room as my wife likes to call it ). :)

Uhm.. Maybe I am missing something but uhm..

"Boobtloader?" Typo right? Should be bootloader?

Top right hand corner. "Flash (2k for boobtloader)" I guess it shows someone had other thoughts on their mind.. ;)

Thanks this is really help full! :slight_smile:

Great thank you!

It is good and its very nice.Thanks this is really help full!

Great resource for noobs - keeps us from needing a whole bunch of example sketches handy. ;-)

;D It does say boobtloader too!! ;D

The PDF still does not print right. The border around the edge is too small and bits get cut off.

Mike Mc,

I just downloaded the PDF and printed it w/o drama on A4 paper.

Select "Fit to Printable Area" and "Auto-Rotate and Center" when printing.

Very cool!

Handy, no doubt.

I like boobtloader, sounds kind of sexy. ;)


Brilliant idea

exactly what i need when i am programming ;D

Great job, thank you very much

Iā€™m thinking about a Spanish version for my younger students (10 years). Yes, I know there is little that can translate, but I think it will be of great use to them.

What is your opinion?, Is there any editable version of this document?


Hi complubot, you have the source file (the .vsd one) in the download page, it has been done with Microsoft Office Visio

Here is an SVG version of the sheet Arduino cheat sheet v02c.svg made with Inkscape