single phase 230V-50/60 motor speed regulation

Greetings. I've been looking for solution for a while now, and all I ask it to point me in the right direction.

There is a fan. Exact model is TD-SILENT1000/200, its technical characteristics can be found on page 4.

Then there is automation for this fan, with all the functionality I will ever need (CONTROL ECOWATT, page 1). The issue here is that the automation comes with price thrice bigger than the fan itself. :o I want to save money and build it myself, with the same functionality as CONTROL ECOWATT. I've started with finding semistor based speed regulator of the same manufacturer (REB-ECOWATT, page 12) and now I wonder how to make it work with arduino, and if there is already someone who solved similar problems. I need to copy the functionality of CONTROL ECOWATT to control fan speed on-the-go, logically linking the speed to level of CO2, temperature and relative humidity. Thanks for reading this, I hope you guys will help me with a solution.

I have looked at your documentation, and as expected, there is NO information on exactly the motor speed is controlled. I would not expect a company to release such information.

You will have to find such a system in use and discover how the speed is controlled, then reverse engineer it.


discover how the speed is controlled


I already know how it's controlled - using symmetric thyristor.

I already know how it's controlled - using symmetric thyristor.

Then I will rephrase my question: Now you need to discover how to control the gates of the symmetric thyristor.


Unfortunately single phase induction motors are tricky to speed-control and many don't support it. This one
appears to support speed control and dual windings are hinted at. I'd try to find more information from
the manufacturer, or go for a DC motor fan which are always speed-controllable (and often
more efficient)

I note the same fan manufacturer does 24VDC brushless fans: