single phase inverter using spwm technique


I am a complete noob.
As the subject says, I am would like to use arduino as a driver for h-bridge circuit (4 MOSFETs) If it is possible i would like to produce 50 Hz frequency and 220 V sine wave using spwm technique.
Can also people here help me with the schematic as which mosfets should i use and should i also use a driver circuit between arduino and mosfet ?
If yes which driver circuit should i prefer ?
I have attach the code i’m using. If its not the right code, then please tell me.
I know i’m asking alot but seriously i don’t know much.

sPWM_atmel.ino (2.61 KB)

This is NOT a project for a "complete noob".

What is the power source? What maximum power do you want?

[ BTW you know your code only generates half cycles on pin 9, presumably you mean to generate the opposite-going half cycles on pin 10 using OCR1B ? ]