Single-Sided Arduino Schematic not sized right??

Hi guys,

This summer I am going to make the single sided serial arduino board. I have everything ready, but I am having massive trouble with the schematic a4 image. I want to print it and give it to my dad to scan and print on his laser jet at work. I want to use that to do the toner transfer method.

First I tried sending it to him in an email, but it kept printing at the enlarged image, which was massive and didn't fit more than a corner of the board on one paper.

Then earlier today, I tried to print it on my own printer so he could scan it on the laser jet, but it is still not sized right. It is almost perfect, but on further inspection it is slightly too small. The holes for the IC aren't lining up right.

I am a little frustrated and disappointed I couldn't find any posts or anything on google about this issue. I can't believe no one has come across this problem, and that no admin or developer has corrected it. Please someone get back to me and help me print this correctly!

Here is the link to the board, and the A4 image is towards the bottom. If you need me to take a picture of each sheet of paper let me know, but I think it's self explanatory. Also notice how on the actual image it can be magnified to its normal size, which I think is something to do with the problem. I would like to avoid editing the image because I do not want to distort the original proportions of the schematic. Thanks so much guys!

-Matt :sunglasses:

What layout are you trying to print, the one from the PDF manual or the Eagle files? If the Eagle what form are you printing it at. I fear you are misunderstanding something.

One of the problems of printing images like this is that a lot of software automatically resizes the image when printing (eg shrink to fit etc), and this doesn't give an exactly accurate size.

If I were you I would use Eagle to print from, as the eagle files are provided. Download the free version of Eagle and load the files, then print from that. Obviously this is still going to cause problems, as your dad will have to install eagle. However, the way round this is to install a printer driver that prints to a PDF. Print from Eagle to a PDF, then send the PDF to your Dad to print (making sure that when printed shrink to fit etc is turned off).

Primo PDF PrimoPDF - PDF Converter - #1 Free PDF Creator is an excellent little program for printing to PDF. It installs as a printer driver, so you can print from any package as you would normally, except it captures the output as a PDF.

Doing it this way will ensure that it comes out at the exact size it was created at.