Single Sided L293d based robot shield

I wanted a single sided motor shield which would allow me to control a few servos and 2 DC Motors. All this while allowing easy sensor interfacing. The shield had to be single sided and DIP for DIY.

Some Features -

  • Dual DC Motor support with PWM
  • Servo motor support
  • DIY Single sided PCB
  • Easy sensor interfacing
  • Stackable

Original page + picture + all files

Direct Download Link -

Ideas for improving it are welcome …

Hi Vikas
Thanks a lot for work!
I made a copy of your design to use it with an arduino bluetooth, on the chassis of a street found RC car. Have made a processing sketch to control it wireless with the accelerometers of a macbook pro. Pretty fun.
I plan to modify it, to bring the ISCP headers up, this will give me chance to use xbee instead of bluetooth.