Single supply rail differential amplifier

Hi all
I need to make a simple differential opamp amplifier driving it with 12V and ground. I use it as a substractor circuit and in normal operation the result is always possitive. But, if by accident the result is negative, will the opamp be damaged or something?

I say accident because one of the two inputs is driven by a pot. So if by accident the voltage that is set is of higher level than the one at the other input, then the result even momentarily would need to go at negative side.


So the op amp’s output would be driven towards the negative power rail. As you say this is connected to the Arduino ground that is where it will go. It can’t even get there, so there can be no way of it generating a negative voltage to damage anything.

However what will damage the Arduino is having it generate a 12V signal on its output. If that is connected to the Arduino then it would be damaged.

Better if you draw the schematic of what you are trying.

This particular circuit is for to drive a volt meter. When it comes to Arduino i'll use a +5V and gnd.
Thanks for the answer.

Why not just connect each pot to the Arduino
And subtract one from the other in software

Thanks hammy, great idea for my next project!!!

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