Single Team Tug-O-War Force Measurement and Display

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I’m outlining a project that measures and displays the force from up to 12 adults pulling on a knotted rope. I’m familiar with using load cells, amplifiers and Arduinos. The challenge I haven’t figured out is what type of display to chose to display several lines of data that can be read at a distance of ~20ft in bright daylight conditions. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Search for large displays. The largest commercial displays I've seen has been 1 inch high, and that is to small.
One solution is to build 7 segment displays using discrete LEDs.
Sunshine is always troubling for electronic displays and has to been handle physically.
An old fashioned flap display might be the best visible type.

How many characters per line?
You can make 7-segment displays from 12V LED strips, with each digit 3, 6, 9 LEDs high.
7 segments can display A,B,b,C,c,d,E,e,F,G,g,H,h,J,L,O,o,P,r,S,U,u,0,1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,-.
Adding a / or \ somewhere could allow some other letters as well.
Maybe turn on a / in the upper half and \ in the bottom half together to make K, R,Q
For example, here are 3-LED/segment digits, and 6-LED/segment digits.
I offer a card that can control 12 digits, using a TPIC6B595 open drain shift register/digit to sink current from 12V.
It is driving these demos:

Multiple boards can be daisychained for more digits.

Digits up to 4 inch tall are also available.

3-LED/segment as I showed make about 5" tall digits, 6-LED/segment end up about 9" tall.
9-LED segment, unknown. Probably about 15".

Thanks everyone! I'll look into the LED segment display option. I was originally hoping to be able to power something like a laptop monitor, but I've learned that an Arduino does not have the horsepower to do that.

Thanks again.

I wouldn't think a monitor would be viewable 20' feet away. Guess it would depend on the colors and font.
I suppose you could try that with a Raspberry Pi 4, it has Bluetooth and WiFi built in. Just need something to pair up to talk to it.

I wouldn't think a monitor would be viewable 20' feet away.

It would if it is a 32 Inch TV!

Not so expensive now, can be driven by a Raspberry Pi (Zero).

I suppose, need some care transporting it around tho.

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