Single US1881 Hall Latch switch as a count and direction sensor sumultaneously

Dear all,
This must be an interesting topic for many. I feel it will be a very innovative one too.
Please see the attached drawing.
If the rotating object (fitted with two magnetic poles placed not at diametrically opposite sides) rotates in one direction will generate an exactly opposite duty cycle of the other.
My Case-
The magnets (south pole and north pole of two magnets)are placed at 450 apart from each other. If the rotating object is rotating the Hall effect latch will generate a pulse train.
In CW direction if it’s 75%, in CCW it will be 25%.
I have done code of the count section of the program and is working fine.
The Direction I’m unable to code. I feel it requires Two interrupt pins (pins 1[INT-0] and 2[INT-1] ) have to be fed with the same signal from the US1881 signal pin.
This is a personal Transformer counter I"ve been partially made.
The DRV8825 has come yesterday. I have to device the pitch movement according to the SWG of the wire using stepper motor then.
The toughest part I feel is determining Direction from the duty cycle.
If it is below 50% say <40% suppose it is CW, >60% it has to be CCW. That is the requirement.
I know this is a very useful sensor for many Arduino enthusiasts in the years to come.

Finally this technique is my own design. I never seen any design in this principle so far. So please help me to accomplish the project and the community benefit from that at the same time.


rotation scheme.jpg