Siren Tone Generator

Hello. I have since gotten interested in making my own homemade electronic warning siren and I would like to know how I could make a tone generator that in the future, tones could be amplified by a few drivers (if possible) and what parts I would possibly need.


There are lots of ways to achieve this. One is to create an oscillator circuit, commonly done with one or more 555 timers. Google "555 siren" and you'll find hundreds of examples, like this collection of sirens and alarms based on 555 timers

Of course you can also do this with the Arduino, by varying the frequency of a square wave output to an Arduino pin, which is then connected to a speaker. Googling "Arduino siren" results in pages of such projects. You can get this effect commonly using analogWrite on a PWM capable pin, or the tone() function on most Arduino pins.

Enjoy :) Geoff

So it would be possible to achieve tones like these for my siren? *Not my video.

yes, definitely possible. Follow the advice given above and you will find how to generate any siren tone you like.