Site 3: new makerspace in Toronto!

This past weekend Site 3, a brand new member-run collaborative arts and technology workshop in Toronto, had it's grand opening. We have a great space right at Bloor and Ossington, steps from the subway. Don't worry about having missed the opening, though: we're having a weekly open house on Thursday evenings, starting this Thursday, July 29th!

Though we don't have any specific Arduino-related events posted yet, we definitely will soon! We do have an upcoming Intro to KiCad workshop, for people interested in learning how to design your own printed circuit boards.

I encourage anyone interested in building cool things to come over, check out our space, meet the members, and participate in any way that works for you, whether it be by taking a course, becoming a member, or just hanging out!

Congrats to the Site 3 group on their new colaborative workshop . . . hope to meet you at Maker Faire on the weekend. Perhaps I'll manage to make the drive from Cambridge on a Thursday night to see your facility.

Best of luck with all your creative endeavors.

I'll try to be there this Thursday (19th), I'll bring my MiniEric robot to show off.

I finally got there yesterday, Thursday 26th, and I talked so much I almost lost my voice. The place is great, they have some shop tools, so if you need some place to work on your project and get help with it, that's the place to go. Some of the members were away for a show in the States, but the members I found there were very nice, friendly and passionate. They were working on different projects, one of them being assembling together a Makerbot! Want to see it working live before you get your own? Go there and see it! Oh, and everybody loved my robot!