Six wireless buttons and central station based on NRF24L01. How to.

Hello all!

I have six equal devices: one button connected to Arduino Pro Mini (on INT0) and NRF24L01 wireless (on SPI and 9,10 pin's) , also i have RGB led connected (on 3,4,5 pin).

And i have central unit - Arduino Pro Mini and NRF24L01 wireless - connected to PC over USB.

I need to know on central unit which button is pressed (from one to six station number) and depending on time i must send comand to switch one of colors of RGB led on station.

Question is:

  1. How i can connect all seven NRF wireless modules. As i understand - i can use only six "pipes"
    Or its possible use one as "master" and six as "slave" devices?

  2. Which software i can use to develope user interface on PC side?
    I use terminal build in Arduino software, but i need grafical user interface for my project.
    My software must be run under Windows.

Thanks all.
Sorry by bad English.

If it is acceptable for the "master" to poll each of the "slaves" in turn you only need to use 1 pipe and you can have far more than 6 slaves.

The code in this link is derived from a model railway control system and can easily be extended to multiple slaves. IIRC, as written it polls the slaves 10 times per second - is that fast enough?

Note that it uses the TMRh20 version of the RF24 library

I don't use Windows but I believe this Python GUI demo will work with Windows and it may give you some ideas.

For all my recent GUI projects I have used a browser for the GUI which is automatically platform independent. The Python Bottle web framework makes i very easy to develop a simple web server.