Sixth sense

We all know the first 5. Plus there's acceleration and air pressure. We can measure those too with our bodies on a plane. So the 8th sense is ESP? Did I miss one?

I'm not counting internal senses like the passage of time, and how our body feels inside health wise. Temperature and electricity counts as touch because you feel it on your skin. Can any humans detect the earths poles?

Can any humans detect the earths poles?

Immigration officers?

SBright33, I think you asked for that one...

Are there any senses I've missed besides the 7 mentioned? For a human to detect? How about sensors? Geiger, UV, ultrasonic... Why did we arbitrarily choose 5 senses?

eyes, ears, nose, taste buds, temperature, touch/pressure, acceleration? anticipation? How about that sense of brainwashing that comes in group gatherings? Or mob mentality?

All the sensors we make feed one of those. We don't sense radiation directly. Most Geiger sensors feed sight & sound. We sense UV indirectly, as warmth on the skin. We can 'feel' sonic, generally as uncomfortable pressure. Electrical - not sure what you'd call that.

Is there a point you are trying to reach behind all this?

After reading your list, seems like there are only 7 for us humans. No point just wandering out loud.

More than seven (is it really that hard to find?):

I think the number is 7 External senses according to Wikipedia because: Temperature is a subset of touch in many cases. Pain is related to touch, or it's internal, we are only counting external senses. Kinesthetic is also related to touch, and it's internal. Time is internal, even if it can be measured with our other 7 senses. The rest are defined as "Other internal senses" certainly there are many. So 7 it is?

Sounds like a plan.

What about the sense of doom due to external events?