sizing down my arduino

hey guys

i need a smaller chip for my project

i have the dip chip (328)

if i get my dremel out and cut the chip in half (the half i am not using) will this work


lol it might. I wouldn’t cut it right down the middle as the real brain is probably right there. It would be funny to see someone with some spare chips try that though :slight_smile: but typically one would make the leap to a smd 328 or a smaller cpu if size is that critical.

Yes, of course - it will work about half as well as it does at the moment.

Of course it won’t work.

I think the bulk of most pdip chips is filler where you could “cleanly” remove one or more ends and still have working pins. But you would have to be pretty bored.

How good are you with that dremmel? Looks like a lot of connections in there.

depending on your application requirements something more along the lines of an ATtiny84 might be more suitable

keeping in mind there is no hardware serial, and the memory constraints, but it is a 14 pin chip, half the size of the 328

Or an attiny2313.

if i get my dremel out and cut the chip in half (the half i am not using) will this work

You’re joking right?

I want to see the pics if you decide to destroy an ATmega chip this way.

ATtiny chip or an SMD one would suit you better.


I have to say that I’ve seen PICs chopped like this to “chip” games consoles, but not for quite some time.
Never did quite understand why they didn’t ship the whole chip - to stop it being cloned, I guess.
Still, not the simplest approach.

i’m gna do it on a half dead one i think (pin 1 snapped off)

i will show you my L33t dremel skills in a video tomorrow

be there or be pwned bitches

:smiley: Right I look forward to it!

I expect that the central stamp in the sparkfun smd pic is very close or identical to the stamp used in the pdip package if you are looking for a size reference (the pin spacing in the pictures). The pins on both packages are basically arranged in the same order as you go around the chip.

If you send the unused transistors back, I believe you can qualify for a refund.

its an IC not a transistor


And an ic is made of thousands of transistors :wink:

Ste Hughes, - good sig.

sarcasm fail ::slight_smile:

Maybe if you plugged in a PIC controller chip, that’s about equal to half a AVR?


i do not how to program a AVR/PIC

hence making baby arduinos

i do not how to program a AVR/PIC

the chip doing all the work is an avr

be there or be pwned bitches

see this is why no one should have said something, it would have been much more fun to watch him cut it in half, but no we gave useful information and now were going to be the pwned bitches

the idea is dumb, get a tiny download the appropriate core and do it right