Skeeball Game help ... Where to start

I am trying to build a game and I have found some useful information in the following link regarding sensors for a basketball game which is a similar concept, but what I am trying to build is a little more complicated:

Here are the action steps and processes that I am envisioning:
-Slide card.
-System Identifies Unique ID card.
-System Displays Unique ID card and displays the players highest score (looks it up from a database that stores historic scores).
-6 Balls are dispensed.
-LED Lights turn on.
-Game Starts and 90 second timer starts.
-After 90 seconds the games ends, score is recorded, score and rank are displayed, LED Lights turn off.

Scoring (7 scoring holes)
Top Left and Right = 100
Top Center = 50
Middle Center = 40
Bottom Center = 30
Bottom Left and Right = 20

Where should I start, what should I buy, and how would you bring all of the pieces together? Or is this even possible?

I have purchased and played around with a Arduino Micro, Digital Distance Sensor, Quad Alphanumeric Display, and a Proto Half-Sized Breadboard but this has mostly been so that I can educate myself and learn.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Sounds like fun! Certainly it is possible, and it seems that something similar has been done before.

Consider using a microSD for storing your player data.

Build and test small prototypes of the individual parts of your project, get them working, and then put them together......

Thanks for the tips!!! Have you seen any online tutorials or YouTube videos of anyone else trying to do something similar?