sketch and circuit diagram for RTC lcd clock with physical adjustable buttons..

I recently made a lcd 24 Hr Digital clock using ARDUINO UNO and RTC module.. I just want to put 2 physical buttons to adjust the date according to my need. Kindly supply me the sketch nd Circuit diagram . I shall be thankful to you...

Doesn’t sound like a question?

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Whatever we give you in code will not help you as we do not have your code to know what you are doing.

Please put your code in its own window as seen in other posts. This can be done by placing     [code] and [/code]  around the code. This makes it easier for others to read.


I use this library for buttons:

There are many other similar libraries, I haven't tested them. This one is good enough. The UpDown example shows how to detect long press to quickly increase a value, perfect for adjusting time on a clock ;)