sketch compiles but generates "font colour" errors

I get this in the verbose listing but the sketch compiles and uploads.
* This source file is under General Public License version 3.
* This verision uses a built-in Si5351 library
* Most source code are meant to be understood by the compilers and the computers.
* Code that has to be hackable needs to be well understood and properly documented.
and six more pages all relating to fonts.

Am I missing a library in the IDE


Is there anything at the top of those "errors"? (they are not errors, an error would prevent compile from completing) Maybe a #pragma or #warning or something?

It looks to me like a problem with the sketch or library that results in it printing out the license, with each line wrapped in a tag

The first line contains an HTML-escaped \ followed by a *, which if it weren't html-escaped, would turn all that into a multiline comment, implying that it was copied from a webpage with the html markup that turned the comment light grey.

Many thanks for the reply.

That is the very start and lists the text in the sketch (this is a description of the contents) is in a blue font.

However this evening, loading the same sketch into a Nano (a different one) none of that text appeared.

You are correct it didn't affect the sketch compiling.

I will re-load the nano that produced the text again and see if it repeats.

Thanks for the help.
Reloaded the other nano and that text has not appeared again.