Sketch does not reflect changes (medium)

Deleted original two properties

Added two new properties with new names

Went to EDIT CODE and the original two properties were still present in the sketch.
Should it not generate a new sketch without the original properties or at least realise they are not used and delete them before opening in CREATE EDITOR ?

This should be working

properties are removed/changed from the cloudProperties.h tab, and callbacks (if any) are also removed in case of property removal.

try refreshing the editor after you submit a change to the property editor and see, it was working for me just a few hours ago

Steps to recreate.

  1. Build two properties.
  2. Open sketch in editor using the EDIT CODE option.
  3. Save that sketch from CREATE.
  4. Close CREATE EDITOR (should ensure a fresh copy of the code)
  5. Delete one of the properties (wait for confirmation in display as it is a little slow)
  6. Open code as per 2.
  7. Code here still contains the old properties for the deleted item

Additional confirmation.

  1. Close editor window
  2. Add another new property in cloud window (giving you two properties again)
  3. Open editor as per 2.
  4. There may now be three property references for callback instead of two (I get 3)
  5. Close editor window
  6. Open and delete last property you made. (ensure it has gone)
  7. Open code as per 2 (I see THREE callbacks at this point)

Property deletions are not passed through the system back to create.
Unless the user notices and deletes manually they may be using null callbacks to null properties which is inefficient and a waste of bandwidth.

Additional issue found in testing.

To check and see if the sketch was recreated I deleted the sketch in editor.

  1. Open editor and delete last sketch sent from cloud.
  2. Close editor.
  3. Go back to cloud.
  4. Click EDIT CODE (expect a new copy of the sketch)
  5. Editor opens last known sketch PRIOR to cloud sketch but NOT a new version of the sketch.

(NOTE: This may also be linked to the LOST FOCUS issue on CREATE).