Sketch erroneously(?) rejected as 'too big'

I am working on a sketch that has hovered around 10K in size for several weeks.
(CPU is ATMEGA328, programmer is AVR Pocket Programmer.)
The most recent iteration was flagged as too big by the compiler. It has somehow decided that the CPU has only 4K of flash.
The attachment shows the setup and rsults

Repeated cycles of close program/re-open and change CPU/change it back avail nothing.
I can reinstall Arduino, but can anyone suggest another reason this may have happened?

Wade Hassler

That is odd!
Check the boards.txt entry for the board type, maybe something happened to it that changed the memory size.

Thanks for your reply.
I wish I had more useful information on this, but...

Since the last thing I had done (out of idle curiosity, too) was to add some new boards via the Board manager, I went back and updated the definitions for my board.
After that, compilation went as before and I could program the board.

Only remaining problem is (off-topic alert) that the 30 or so ATMEGA328's that I have ordered from Digikey over the last year (using the same order-code each time) have chip-ID's ending in both 0x14 and 0x09

Thanks again

0x14 and 0x09 are likely the week of chip manufacture. Should say in the datasheet, but I am not finding it.