sketch for piezo trigger

Hy, i'm kinda new to arduino programming language and need some guidiance with a drum project i'm working on.
I basically want to be able to play Wav files(drum sounds) using PIEZOS, and I also want to be able to change the Wav file each piezo triggers by pressing a button, all I need I an example sketch to make this work.

Search in the box above for Piezo drums.


I have bare disks with red and black leads and have used them as tap force sensors (up to smacking them with a screwdriver handle) and not burning anything out, it is possible to zap the chip.

When you press the disk, one lead becomes + relative to the other and electrons will flow. When you let go, they flow back. Both wires switch polarity, you can make volts of - which Arduino pins can't take.

I used a 4-diode bridge from a circuit for powering a led by tapping a piezo disk.

I ran the output through a transistor and used the 5V output of that to charge a jumper wire going to a digital pin. Reading the pin drains a tiny bit of current, the sketch counts HIGH reads in a row and returns that as data.
For a very light touch I got about 10 HIGH reads. Hit hard with the butt of a screwdriver handle, a few 1000.