Sketch for Pro Micro use as keyboard with encoders (Button Box)

I wired up a button box with with a 36 buttons and 3 rotary encoders. I have tried several sketches and I can not get the button matrix to work. Is there any sketch out there that I can just upload to the pro micro?

I have a 6x6 matrix
Rows {6,8,10,15,18,21}
Columns {7,9,16,14,19,20}

Rotary encoders

The Keypad library is for a key matrix.
The Encoder library is for encoders.

Make a test-sketch for the keys only. Read about the Keypad library, how it is used, and adapt it for your 6x6 key matrix.

In the Arduino IDE, in the Library Manager, you can find the library: Keypad by Mark Stanley, Alexander Brevig.
That is this library: GitHub - Chris--A/Keypad: A version of the keypad library found in Wiring. This is just a copy made compatible with the Arduino IDE library manager..

I am an mechanical engineer working in the IT field. I can usually figure out pretty much anything thrown in front of me but unfortunately I have never done any sort of programming and this is looking like Ancient Sumerian to me (I know some Greek and Chinese so that idiom doesn't work for me, lol). Is there a some sort of Arduino's for idiots article I can read or better yet a YouTube video? Maybe one that explains all the lines that can go into a typical sketch?

Bas On Tech :
There are 31 Arduino tutorials for beginners.
That will keep you busy for a while :wink:
I think it is important to try everything with an Arduino board, not just watching the videos.

Is there a some sort of Arduino's for idiots article I can read or better yet a YouTube video?

I think you should find and work through some basic C++ tutorials first.

There is no Arduino magic, it's 'just' a neat C++ microcontroller ecosystem.

F***, well I travel a lot for work, looks like I'll have some new videos to watch. Looks like I'll miss when they inevitably find that treasure on oak island, jk, they sucked me in and now I'm stuck watching them play treasure hunter.

Seriously though, thank you for this I will start them tomorrow.

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