Sketch for vss signal to constant 12 v DC.

My car i20 has vss signal range of 0 to 12 volt. It reads constant 6 v on multimeter from 12 v when car moves beyond speed 10 kmph. That's ok. It's average of 12 v.

Now, I want this fast output avg. constant signal to give constant output DC voltage say 12 v when the car attains particular speed of 40 kmph.

I would like a sketch of Arduino to achieve a desired output 12 v DC at speed 40 kmph. Say, pulse frequency is 500 per revolution; and total pulses at 40 kmph is 50000 say, and upon receiving these input pulses, the Arduino will only output constant 12 v DC.

Any inputs and corrections is always appreciated and welcome. Thanks.

A car does not have a "vss signal range". what do you have and what do you want to do and what have you already done?

Hello Tonsing,

I don't think you are likely to get much help with your question because it's difficult to understand what you have done, what you want to do and what is not the way you'd like it to be.

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