Sketch Library is empty when I open arduino

I download Arduino several versions always the same, I Open and link to my Aduino nano and find that
The Library for Examples has lots of Examples within it, The Library for Sketches is completely empty
is there anything that I can do to retrieve them

The File > Sketches menu is populated by the contents of your sketchbook folder. The sketchbook folder is a convenient place for you to store your sketches. You can set the location of the sketchbook folder at File > Preferences > Sketchbook location.

If you have never saved any sketches to your sketchbook folder, then the File > Sketches menu is expected to be empty and this does not indicate any problem. Get to work!

If you have saved sketches in the past, then make sure you have the correct folder selected in File > Preferences > Sketchbook location.

There is no general “LIBRARY” for sketches.

However there is a FOLDER for sketches.
If you changed that default location at any time then the existing sketches should still be where you left them.

Thanks for your interest, I am a bit new to this I was using Grbl V0.9 to control a woodpecker type CNC router There were files within the Sketch library Every thing worked OK until I tried to up grade to Grbl V 1.1 like I said no files in Sketch library

To upgrade to GRBL 1.1 simply get the newest library from the official source.
Place the ZIP file inside the Sketches folder inside the Libraries folder that resides in that folder.

Start the IDE.
In the pop up box navigate to where you placed the newer GRBL and select it.
It should then install the latest version and the examples for it which will include v1.1

If it errors at any point then you probably already have a GRBL folder/library installed.
At which point you would need to find and either re-name or remove it manually then start again.

As a note of importance check the program you are using to send your CNC files to your device and make sure you take a backup of the settings BEFORE proceeding as there is a strong chance you might loose them otherwise.
Most have an option to copy the custom settings out to a file that can be read later to simply put your custom settings back into the Arduino.

Hi when I open Arduino IDE when attached to Arduino processor
Click on Examples Folder = lots of files
Click on Sketches Folder does not Open
I will try what you suggest