Sketch needed

Hello I am new to ardiuno I am working on a project. I am using a sim800 Gsm module and a uno to controle two led lights . I want one to be blinking and the other not to blike but I want the both of them to come on at the same time when I message the gsm . Can anyone help me with the ardiuno sketch for this project...

We help people with sketches all the time! It is what we do for fun.

Just post your best attempt at making your sketch here. Make sure and use code tags. (read the 'How to use this forum, please read' post at the top of the forum if you have questions on code tags)

Then describe what problems you have. How does the actual results of your sketch differ from your expected results? That kind of thing.


I was confused by this, since the OPs post count is 1. But then a google search showed history of a post an hour before this one that has since (presumably) been deleted.

good morning ser,
of corse we help people that needs a hand witch programs. But people that ask our help HAVE TO post theyr program, because we HELP you, we don't WORK FOR you, because YOU know ehat YOU want, YOU have the hardware so YIU cab try your progect.
I'm sorry if I was rud