Sketch not loading

Sketch compiles but when it comes time to load I get an error.

( avrdude: no programmer has been specified on command line or the config file
Specify a programmer using -c option and try again )

The sketch loaded once before but I also had this problem but after numerous attempts it loaded. I reloaded the arduino IDE software that time but this keeps happening. I do not want to keep unloading and loading the software.

Arduino Uno on Microsoft 7

What could be causing this problem?

What version of the IDE are you using ?
1.6.5 and 1.6.9 are still the best versions.

Also seems that some of the board managers versions are also an issue so what version of the board manager ?

Screen shots of your IDE with board / port selection may also be useful.

Some common causes are also bad or poor USB cables.
USB 3 ports
Some USB hubs (more so un-powered ones)

Hi, You mention you are using Uno with Microsoft 7, I have just had a similar problem using Uno with Microsoft XP, first off did you use a capacitor on the reset pin and is it still on the board if so remove it then try a basic program like "blink led" if this works you can refit your capacitor and carry on installing the program you are working on this worked for me.