Sketch not loading


I'm not sure if it's an editor issue or cloud issue.

I'm using an arduino due R3. I loaded up a program earlier today and tried to go back in to modify some code recently. When going in to the web IDE it says loading source but never loads so I am unable to modify my sketch.I am unable to post code since it's won't load my sketch and I get nothing in the console output(I do have show verbose output checked in my preferences)

I am using the NRF24 library from here GitHub - maniacbug/RF24: Arduino driver for nRF24L01 , but have used it multiple times without issues prior to this.

The issue is the same whether or not and arduino board is plugged in or even when selecting various different boards.

Forgot to add I’m using windows 10 x64 and chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)

And you have nothing connected to the board ?
The maniacbug libs are usually pretty good.

What does the version of the agent read ? (currently 1.1.54-bba30de)

Have you tried to clear your cache etc and come back in ?

I use CCLEANER as it does a little more than just clean the cache.

I have nothing connected to the board, but the issue happenns even if the board is not connected to the computer, it's when I open the web editor it tries to load the sketch and stays like that. All my other sketches are able to load without an issue.

I'm not sure where to go to find the version since I'm using the web editor.

I have tried to clear my cache, I even downloaded CCLEANER like you suggested and still get the same issue.

Right click on the CREATE bridge icon on your computer.
You will see a four options and in grey will be the version.

Also going to ask you to go through this post and add any missing info in case I am missing something simple.

Hi @WooD0331,
can you share the sketch link?

So the version is 1.1.54-bba30de

I’ve gone through that link you posted and most of the info “missing” is the code and console input which I cannot access. I have autosave enabled if that helps.

the URL for my sketch is the following:

I have tried that link and it gives me “It looks like this sketch is not available anymore at this URL”

That link gives sketch not found. did you change something about it such as the name or location ?

I haven't changed anything, that's why I'm confused. I had compiled and loaded the sketch onto my due, had it run a bit to test functionality. A couple of hours later I wanted to go back and modify some lines of code and it wouldn't load up my code in the web editor anymore.

Hello, the sketch should have been restored to the latest saved version.

Thanks for the help!