Sketch not uploading to arduino nano

To note this is an arduino from china.
I have downloaded arduino 1.8.7 as well as the CH341SER drivers and did manage to upload some sketch with a hello world like program after which I was never successful in doing it again as when I started an upload it would just get stuck in the state shown in the attached image (standard blink sketch). I have tried to re install the driver and the arduino program however this didn't help.


That picture does not indicate that anything is wrong. Any error messages would appear in orange text. spycatcher2k's suggestion is worth a try, but whenever I forget to select "328 old bootloader" I get error messages in orange text within a couple of seconds.

thx guys it works!:slight_smile: I could swear I tried that...;))))))))


Cool, glad you got it working (but I'm not a guy).

thank you spycatcher2k and PaulRB