Sketch size difference between ver 18 and 21

I have a sketch that builds to 9202 bytes in version 018. The same sketch builds to 9528 bytes using version 021. While this is only a 3.5% increase it is still not a good thing, has anybody else noticed this? :(

Are there any libraries that you use that may have gotten larger?

The external libraries are identical, and are as follows.

ps2keypolled_small.h (a hacked slightly shrunken ps2keypolled)

Other than that avr/pgmspace.h is the only other lib used.

The reason I am still using PString is that using the String class, available from 019, increases the sketch size by over 1 k.

All in all not a big issue as i am using a 328 and only driving a wavshield and keyboard so it should all still be OK.

I was just a little disappointed to see the Arduino dev environment starting to go the same way as the PC one where each year the code needed to execute a’hello world’ doubles (or more) in size.

delay() got almost 100 bytes bigger between 18 and 19 (it's now close to microsecond accurate. Sigh.)

Serial got much bigger (over 300 bytes!) between 17 and 18 (I think.) A bunch of 32bit calculations to see if it could get closer to the desired bitrate using a slightly different uart configuration. Double Sigh.