[Sketch] [Tool] [Help] not shown in Sketch-window with Mac-OSX

I’m a Newbie just see the first “blink” with my Arduino Uno, and I am … hooked.
I can’t help but felt very acute to information presented on Getting Started web page, hope to receive enlightenment from anyone here.

The Sketch-window opens up in my Mac-OSX 10.6.8 missing the top most bar [Sketch_Tool_Help] as presented in web page
< http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/MacOSX > under step 7 and 8 .

What have I done wrong?


Are you also new to Mac OS X?

The bar you describe is the menu bar. As with every other Mac application, it is at the top if the screen, not the window.

Yes ... you are perfectly right, is this bar is parted from the Arduino Window relocated on the top-left of the viewable area. :), I freak out when I did not see them. Thanks a lot,