Sketch upload from web IDEE fails

Hi, my newly purchased out of the box Arduino Due does not successfully upload sketches via the web IDE. I have Windows 10 64-bit, and I use Chrome 67.0.3396.87. The Arduino Create Plugin indicates proper working, and the board is automatically recognized by the IDE, regardless whether using the native USB port or programming port.

For testing, I tried to upload a modified Blink sketch from the basic examples provided in the web IDE (only modified the delays from 1000 to 100 milliseconds). The verifying and saving button worked successfully, the status bar between error log and code editor showed up in green color and displayed "Success: Saved ...". Yet, when attempting to actually upload to my Arduino Due board, first the verifying process would indicate to be started, then the uploading process would indicate to be started, and - during that - the status bar would turn red, just displaying "[object Object]". There is no furhter output in the error log indicative of any uploading error (even though I checked "Console: Show verbose output" in my preferences), so I am stuck here not knowing what could prevent the uploading process from being properly executed. I would have expected to get a similar "Success:..." status message, with the board LED responding to the requested changes, but nothing happens. The same applies to the sketch that I was originally going to upload, which is a simple repeated serial printing of pin 0 analog read voltage.

Any help or hint greatly appreciated - many thanks!

Hi. Moved you to this section (the correct one)

Near the top of this section are a few posts that I recommend you read. They tend to cover most common issues in getting started with CREATE.