Sketch Upload on Arduino Leonardo not working

I bought an Arduino Leonardo Pro Micro recently. I installed the Arduino IDE on my computer and connected the board. But when I Uploaded the basic blink sketch, the built in led blinked 6 times and never blinked again. Isn’t it supposed to blink after 1 second delay forever ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

The Pro Micro doesn't have a built-in LED. So the stock Blink sketch with not work. Luckily, the RX and TX LEDs are connected to dedicated IO pins and you can control those from your sketch code. So you can use those instead of the built-in LED. The TX LED is pin 17. The RX LED is pin 30. However, your code might be easier to understand if you use the predefined names for these pins: LED_BUILTIN_RX and LED_BUILTIN_TX, just as the Blink sketch uses LED_BUILTIN.