sketch uploads but doesnt run


The program I've done is at 22% of flash. The sketch semms to upload correctly but it doesn't run. I've lo st 2 days for verifiing everything but all seem right. The only thing is that if i remove the interrupt I've implemented, the program sometimes runs but not often. May be a problem of memory? I've added a lot of "PROGMEM" but nothing change.


Someone might have a chance to help if you post a copy of your code.

They will be more likely to help if you have reduced your code to the simplest example that doesn't work. There is a good chance you will find the problem by trying to reduce it to a simple example.

Can you get a fast-blink (100 ms on, 400 ms off) version of the Blink example script to work?

If no, that narrows the problem.

If yes, then add features one by one until you discover what breaks the program. Use Serial.print and the IDE's Serial Monitor window to look at "trace-type" messages.

The program I've done is at 22% of flash.

Did you write all that without a single upload and test?

Or did it fail on the last change?