Sketch works on board, not standalone?

Well I bought an upgrade chip for my Arduino.. so now I set up a standalone arduino, woot! The chip I'm trying to get to work for the standalone is the 168. I tried the sketch on both of the chips, both on and off board. They both work when they're connected to the Arduino board directly.. in the chip slot.

But once I load it onto my breadboard, the sketch doesn't work. At first I figured I had the wrong pin.. so I changed up the code to light an led on the pin I thought I had.. and well.. I didn't have the wrong pin.

So I'm a bit confused. I followed Tom Igoes standalone tutorial.

I'm trying to use a 434mhz Transmitter to.. well.. transmit.. both chips work in the board, but once they're on the breadboard.. the leds will blink on the pins I say, but won't transmit anything.

I'm assuming it has something to do with my wiring, but I kept the same wiring, put the chip back on the board.. and viola! it works... so confusing Any help would be much appreciated.

Logic tells us that it must be your wiring then.

Check if the chip has power and the quartz is connected to the right pins. Start with a minimal blink-a-led program. Also make sure your wires are not of too small a diameter. Otherwise they won't make reliable connections and will drive you nuts.

That's what I was afraid of, but I tested and re-tested my wiring.

I've already tested the wiring, power.. etc.. The crystal is as close to the IC as it can get without touching it, and I got the 22pf caps grounding both of the connections.

The chip has power cause I've been able to light LEDs no problem, and I connected a IR Receiver, and works without a problem. Only problem I'm having so far is getting the transmitter to transmit. Again, it works when the chip is in the Arduino board, but as soon as it gets to the breadboard, it won't transmit.

I did notice on a previous transmitter setup I used, the wires were really touchy. If they weren't at the right angle, then it wouldn't work.. but I've replaced the wires numerous times, and now, I'm just using jumpers, no chance for a broken wire or anything.

Still, leaving the transmitter on the breadboard after it works with my Arduino board.. not changing any connections.. no worky!

Even when I use a different breadboard with the transmitter.. no gold! I am powering the chip and transmitter through my Arduino board (with the chip taken out) and using the rx/tx to show data to the computer, maybe this has something to do with it?