Sketchbook location: no international characters?

(I'm using Arduino 009 on an Intel Mac)

I changed my Sketchbook location in Preferences, but whenever I restart the Arduino program I get this message:

Sketchbook folder disappeared The sketchbook folder no longer exists, so a new sketchbook will be created in the default location.

This is an error with the software, which doesn't allow the Sketchbook to reside in a folder with an international character in its name. If I rename one of the folders (that is, remove the international character) Arduino accepts the location.

Try for yourself, use this character: ó in a folder name.

Is there an easy fix to this?

I just tried it myself, no luck. Quick workaround though:

Open Arduino’s preference file


Look for the entry…


…and change it to your path e.g.


Arduino seems to input a ‘?’ when you do it by GUI. If you change it manually it works :slight_smile:

Ah! Thanks so much for your help! :)