Sketchbook on NAS (FritzBox 7490)

hi at all,

when i use the sketchbook folder from a NAS-share like

"\SERVER\Data\USB2-0Drive-01\arduino" , the IDE take about 3 minutes to start up.

When i use a local folder or a shared folder from an other pc in the network, the IDE statrs up in 10 to 20 seconds.

My System is Windows 7 64bit. On the network place is the share without any problems reachable.

What is the problem with the sharing from my NAS?

interesting question, however no answer (sorry)

is it wifi or wired lan?
do you use DHCP?

if you use \IP\Data... is it faster ?

it is wired GB-lan, and fixed IP's.

the connection over IP \192.168.100....... always takes a lon starttime.

i tested again, with a clear library folder it starts normal, but is there one library, it is slow.

when i use my old folder with any librarys and projects on a windows-share the IDE starts normal.:confused: