Hi, I am new to Arduino and have some issues. I followed the installation instructions as best as able and I think maybe its installed, I dont know how to tell for sure other than seeing files. The first problem was the absence of an exe file, all the tutorials seem unified in needing an exe file. I went through a plain Arduino file, extracted it from the zipped file and follwed promts, so far so good? Anyway, from the Arduino widow where you can open "new, open, sketchbook, examples" etc, I click on sketchbook and nothing happens. According to the ATTiny website I will need to open the sketchbook folder, create a subfolder titled hardware, and drag a file into it from an ATTiny file. The short story is that the tutorials look very easy, in practice they are very complex (for me), sceenshots dont resemble the widows 7 screens I actually get so I am guessing that the software has outpaced the tutorials. I can find the device in "ports" in the device manager screen (labeled as COM3). If i have posted this in the wrong place i appologize, but I am a little frazzled, I tried the FAQ pages and most of what I read looks like it is meant for someone with a degree is computer science. I even tried the "for dummies" version of the tutorial.... it wasnt dumb enough i guess. Any insight would be helpful, thanks, Steve.

Which Arduino board are you using? If you are new, are you using just an Arduino UNO or since you mentioned ATTiny, are you using one of their chips instead?

its a Duemilanove Board 2009 ATMega328-PU. I was able to change the rate of the blinking lite from the blink folder, following the instructions found on YouTube. Steve

So it sounds like ATTiny information will not help you at this point. As you were able to change the rate of the blinking, does that mean you have figured out how to work the Arduino?

I am not sure, I can change the rate of the blink but I dont know if that tells me anything, this is the part that is tripping me, "Locate your Arduino sketchbook folder (you can find its location in the preferences dialog in the Arduino software)" taken from , this is the website I have been using for instruction. I can find the sketch folder in the FILE tab but it wont open, so I cant create the "hardware" file as it instructs me to. Again, this is all new to me. Thanks for your replys. Steve

It sounds like you're just using an Arduino that doesn't involve an ATTiny. If you can change the rate of blinking, you're good to go. Don't worry about the hardware files just yet. It doesn't appear to be necessary to what you need.

Within the IDE Window, if you use the command File > open you can get to a window headed "open an Arduino sketch". When you are at the level where you see "Arduino" in the "Look in" bar, you should be able to click on the "create new folder" icon and add your "Hardware" folder.