Sketches do not run on arduino 101 clone replacing Curie by C1000, omitting BLE

I did the following:

I made a new PCB layout copying the arduino 101 schematic and omitting the periperals (as BLE) of the Curie Module using C1000 instead.

Due to the fact that there is no exact schematic of the Curie Module I guessed the wireing from the C1000 development platform.

I uploaded an arduino 101 bootloader via JTAG interface into the C1000.

As a result the board is recognized by the Arduino IDE (1.8.5, versions.txt) , both Windows drivers are loaded , I can fetch the serial number of the board via the USB/COM port and I can upload sketches without error messages (compileMsg.txt).

Unfortunately the sketches do not run. Even a simple blinky-sketch (blinky.ino) does not work.

Does the code check for the presence of the bluetooth chip or other peripherals and hangs, if no response is received?

I would appreciate to get your ideas on this.

Thanks in advance.

versions.txt (237 Bytes)

compileMsg.txt (63.1 KB)

blinky.ino (2.25 KB)

Did you ever get this to work? Sounds like a fun project.

I was looking through the Intel Open Development Kit for the Curie Module:

The Quark code resets the BLE controller and then tries to check an ID Code from the BLE:

The code path is:

/* Check against the valid IDs for this CPU */
if (ap_id != NRF51_APB_AP_ID_1) {
// pr_warning(LOG_MODULE_BL, "WRN_BTFU_CONNECT - Read IDR = 0x%x", ap_id);
return SWD_ERROR_INVALID_IDR; // Valid for NRF51

The NRF51 is the Nordic Semiconductor BLE module inside the Curie Module.