Skype mobile platform

Hi everybody,

After starting on an Arduino Uno, I would like now to go further and make some new investment and for that I need your advice. I leave far from my familly's home and my objective is to install there a mobile platform connected with Skype (or other if you have better ideas) that I could control remotely through Wifi. My intermediate objective is to play with this robot outside so with other technology and longer range than Wifi (Xbee is the most appropriate?)

For this I need : - A mobile platform : I already made my first robot with a CD and 2 small motors, was fine but I would like something stronger to work on, was thinking about the Pirate-4WD Platform from DFRobot, quite enough for a start and if I like it I will make a more powerfull one on my own later - A motor shield : Romeo can be the solution as it contains also Xbee - A Wifi access : is Yun already working well? Isnt it a problem that Romeo has already a Microcontroller? - Camera : IP? Some nice model that you tried?

This is the right combination I am trying to find actually, to have an evolutive platform

Thank you in advance.