SLA7026 - stepper driver

Does anyone have any experience with the SLA7026M unipolar stepper motor driver working with Arduino? I'm using a 2A, 6 wire unipolar stepper motor, and i'm supplying it with +12V. I got it working earlier but now the motor doesn't want to rotate properly - it just steps backwards and forwards! Here is a quick Eagle schematic I made once I had it working:

The Off-time pins don't seem to have any effect whether they are connected or not. Originally I had grounded the reference pins but this doesn't seem to allow any current through and the motor doesn't move at all. Could anyone help me out with schematics they may have used in the past?



That's actually my post as well just in a different topic :) I thought I could get a reply quicker that way!

Does anyone have a suggestion for this though?