SLAM. Need help.

Hi! I already asked in the "Robotics" forum, and probably, was wrong.

So, asking here. I'm looking forward for making a self-orientating robot. It will be controlled by Wi-Fi. And I want to use SLAM. I've read "Slam for dummies" and reading some more about this. And i realy don't want to write it on my own. There are and projects but i couldn't find how to use them in my code. I mean that this must be interactive: basing on the already given information SLAM should tell the robot where to go and what to meashure. And here I need a lot of help.. Now I am going to write a robot emulator for testing SLAM. That seems to be usefull for experiments.. Here it is. Thank you for any help!

Thank you for any help!

What is the exact help you are looking for? Any help includes many many many things ...

If it was my project (and it isn't) I would first start to make some minimal SLAM library. A simulator is also a good step forward as it helps you to understand!

This first version of the library should at least have two functions. 1) ask known attributes about a location from a server 2) post a location with its attributes to a server

If those work you could add 3) getting driving directions from server 4) getting measurement commands 5) post measurements commands

Hi, robtillaart.

First of all I ask for someone who knows how to make some open source SLAM working. Or some project where SLAM realised, to understand how to use it. SLAM itself became to me pretty clear but I steel see some problems.

I didn't understand your advises about the library. What do you meen by the "server"? Could you explain clearly please?

With a library I mean a set of basic functions. As the Arduino has not so much RAM it seems logical to me to place the location information on a separate server. A quick look at the links you showed indicates quite some data to be stored/processed. Thats why I refered to a server.