Sleepwalking on M0

Been trying to get sleepwalking to work on an M0, based on this post:

and this info:

But I’ve not been able to get the M0 to wake up - even with the comments suggested by the first (and only) response to the post.

Is anyone aware of any working sample code to start with?


I've not done it using the ADC or event system, but I have been able to sleep the CPU and have the RTC wake it up. I used this library:
I then was able to configure the EIC to also wake the CPU when certain pins changed.

You might compare what is in those posts with the source code of the RTC library (GitHub - arduino-libraries/RTCZero: RTC Library for SAMD21 based boards) to see if there's something missing or off with those examples.

In the second link you posted the code seems to be config.run_in_standby = true only #if (SAML21) || (SAML22) || (SAMC21) || (SAMR30) however the Arduino M0 is SAMD21. Not sure if you caught that already.