Slide Switch Power Configuration

In my current project i am using a spdt switch( )

I want it to control power.

As of now, when its switched on the arduino is on (lights show on the UNO), when it is switched off, the arduino is off(no lights on the UNO, even if i am usb plugged in, i even get the windows usb plugged/unplugged sound).

This is my desired behavior, but i am unsure if its safe or correct.

My arduino's 5v goes to the center switch. The left pin eventually goes to ground on my breadboard, and the right pin goes to power on my breadboard. I have a LCD screen connected to 6 or so pins and a potentiometer.

Does that sound okay. Is that possible/save/common? Being able to even stop the usb from giving power using a switch? Ideally i would want to use a battery, but for now until i get the right components and learn about the changes i would have to make, i'm using USB.

You CANNOT have a switch with one pin connected to 5v and the other to GND unless there is a suitable load in between. Without a suitable load there will be a short circuit and something will be damaged.

It is not clear from your description whether you are using the switch to control power going into the Arduino or coming out of it ?

You should not connect anything that requires more than about 300 milliamps to the Arduino 5v pin.

Make a pencil drawing of your circuit and post a photo of it. It is too easy to misunderstand verbal descriptions. Do not waste your time posting a photo of your Arduino and its connections - those photos are also too easy to misunderstand.


I thought it might not be correct . Here is a very simplified version of what i have.

Sorry, I can't make sense of your drawing. The important bit is furthest from the camera and none of the parts is labeled.

Please photograph the drawing from directly overhead and explain what everything is supposed to be doing.


I'm done with the project now. I read your first reply over and thought it over, i didn't have a load so i guess the behavior i was getting was not good. While i should be able to stop the other components from getting any current, i shouldn't prevent the actual arduino from getting any current from the laptop. Thanks for your help.