Slightly lost with some RFID problems.

Well I finally after a year of having several Arduinos sat in my project box came to the point where I actually needed to try and use one. So when I say I'm new to Arduino I now have a grand total of about 3 hours use of one, so be gentle and ignore any utterly stupid comments I may make.

Im a software engineer by trade if you will, but I am currently a doctoral researcher and I have been playing with RFID and some of the more interesting uses of it. So i came to use RFID on an iPhone over a year ago and had to hook it up manually into the serial port of the iPhone, however this got cumbersome and some of the end user feedback was that they would much prefer it wireless. So I started looking into it and trust Apple they don't support SPP bluetooth devices they don't even have the stack for one! (Good old Apple making my life harder). So I looked into using a HID bluetooth module with my ID12 or ID20 RFID device and well they won't communicate for a couple of reasons.

So now to where I am now I have a Arduino Pro Mini (It has to be small I cant use one of the regular sized ones), I have an ID12 set into ASCII mode and I have a BlueSmirf HID. I have had the Pro Mini giving the BlueSmirf "Hello Worlds" and what not and the iPhone does get the data however getting the ID12 to do so is being problematic.

Im not even sure if it is actually possible which is why I am asking here. The ID12 runs at 9600 Baud and the BlueSmirf needs to run at 115200 (it can be changed but I don't think the iPhone will like it at 9600). I have the TX pin going from the ID12 to the Pro Mini RX and then I have the TX pin from the Pro Mini going to the RX pin of the BlueSmirf. The rest is just VCC and GND wires and what not.

So my question is does that sound possible? At the moment I've tried a few different ideas and I cant seem to get it to work. Im also setting the Serial.begin(9600) checking for any input from the ID12 then if something is received Serial.end() and Serial.begin(115200); Serial.print(someChar);

Just no joy as of yet.

Sorry for the long winded post I just like to give the full background and context.

Thanks, Zaff.

You have an Arduino Pro Mini (which has one serial USART) and two serial devices (ID12 and BlueSmirf). How did you connect them?

BTW: the iPhone will never see the baud rate you use to communicate with the BlueSmirf, it sends Bluetooth packets the phone which simply has some HID content (hopefully) and no information about baud rates and the like.

Thank you for the very speedy response, and that would be why it won't work! Im using the Rx pin to receive from the ID12 and the Tx pin to transmit to the blueSmirf which would be the exact reason it isn't working I'm guessing. I do have 2 Mega ADK arduinos that wee purchased for me but they are way too hefty for the job at hand.

Do you have any recommendations on a path I could take to make a relatively small lightweight bluetooth ready RFID reader for the iPhone. I mean its a pain as I have a standard BlueSmirf and Android has the bluetooth stack to communicate with SPP its just apple literally making my life hard.

Thanks, Zaff.

Which iPhone models do you need to support? If it is only 4S or later, Bluetooth Low Energy serial communication is supported in iOS 5/6.

There are a couple of BLE shields now available.

Texas Instruments has published some demo code -