sloeber 4.0 COM Port Problem under Win10

How i can connect my Notebook to the Arduino Board?

When i try the Arduino IDE i became aconnect with COM Port 3.

When i try this with soeber, sloeber find no COM Port :frowning:


Is Other Software Development not the right place for it?


Yes, this is the right place, as I have mentioned to spycatcher2K once before in another post regarding a similar question. Arduschwabe, why not search and ask in the relevant thread in this section of the forum Windows/Linux/Mac Eclipse plugin to compile and upload arduino sketches - Libraries - Arduino Forum.

If you have installed the sloeber product correctly, and the board you should then be able to see and select the com port. Sorry, I don't use that operating system to be able to offer more help.

Paul - VK7KPA